Variety of Cedar Usage


Miyazaki kyushu, JAPAN

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For space design

Chuku Cedar Panels

Introducing Chuku panel …

Rectangular lumber used for wooden residential building constructions produce incidental materials (scraps) as they are manufactured. These scraps have low utility value and had only limited applications, namely either finely crushed and used as fuel chips or used as raw materials for disposable chopsticks (or otherwise disposed of).
The making of a Chuku (hollow inside) cedar panel involves proactively gathering scraps that had not been used in the past and raising their material value by converting them into panel materials


Features of Chuku panel

Features. 1 Low cost

Components that had not been used in the past are
utilized and offer overwhelming cost benefits in
comparison with those made of solid wood materials.

Features. 2 Lightweight

Hollow condition is created in the processing stage,
which makes the product lighter and easier to handle
than those made of solid wood materials.

Features. 3 Hardly bends Hardly warps

The presence of hollow portions make the product
easier to dry, causing less bending or cracking.

Definitive use of domestic materials!!

For products design


KOIYA is a design project that links people and goods, craftsmen and users, life styles and regions together through the use of wood produced in Miyazaki, Japan.
This is a product series featuring devised designs, sophisticated senses and high functionalities based on the concept of “simple is best”. The effort required to assemble and finish each product, as well as care and maintenance of each item will hopefully become a part of joy in your daily lives.



Traditional toys, such as “wheels” and “horses”,
are passed on in various regions of Japan since olden days.
KOIYA took upon themselves to create some of those toys.



Wooden flooring materials are used.
The zig-zag processed shapes for “connections”
also serve to secure stacking.

Pet houses

The warmth, gentle feelings and peace of mind
packaged in cute designs for those important
members of our families.


Whiteboards made with wood

Freely drawn with markers and easily erased.
Such functions of whiteboards have finally been
achieved with wood.


Kids spaces

Assemble and install the gentle and fun wooden
space for children.


Paint coating

Paint coating is an essential part of creating
Dining table set
furniture made of wood. Our concern was focused
on peace of mind and high functionality




Dining table set


Wooden kitchen

Furniture series made with cedar

Cedar is a wooden material that is closest to the heart of Japanese and we used that material to create our tools of daily lives. The series offer DIY furniture materials designed in the 1950s by “KAK Design Group” a design unit comprised of the three members, Mr. Yoshio Akioka, Mr. Junnosuke Kawa and Mr. Itaru Kaneko. This product series that involve processing soft cedar materials with traditional hand tools teaches us once again the significance and pleasures of craftsmanship.
Design: KAK Design Group / Photography provided by: “Furnitures Made with Cedar” (Graphic-sha Publishing Co., Ltd.) / Photography: Takayuki Yoshizaki


Two-way stools
Twith effective diagonal fittings

These are stools that change in the seat height,
dependingon the orientation.
It is a very useful addition as a side table as well.


Robust stool with interposed legs

Light weight of approx. 1.2kg makes them slim and
smart stools, but they also offer high strength and stability.


Bookshelves that can be
securely stacked

Stacking each level (up to 4 levels) increases the amount of
goods that can be stored, making these very convenient and
light-weight bookshelves with the freedom to increase capacity.
They can also be utilized as decorative shelves in the living room.


Box benches that are
created by connecting

Storage boxes that also serve as seats.
Same boxes can be arranged in sets of two’s and three’s,
top them up with cushions to create compact benches.


Light-weight, beautiful
V-shaped trestles

Place a board over two “trestles” to create an instant table.
These are very robust structures, despite their delicate features.


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