Example of woodification of exterior

Example of woodification of exterior

Example of construction

in miyazaki 

Mimata town

Hikari no Mori Childcare center

Constructor: Horimasa Sawmill and Construction

A deck pergola built in 2 blocks. One is a two-story structure in which children can play more enjoyably. The scenery of the deck pergola with the red-colored “Sweetgum” is wonderful! 


Miyakonojo city

Ayamehara Childcare center

Owner: Social welfare corporation Kobato-kai

Constructor: Horimasa Sawmill and Construction

A deck pergola built in front of the south side of the garden. It is a safe area where children can go out to the garden without any steps from the room. Children can play with peace of mind in the garden surrounded by fences.

Hyuga city

Residence of Mr. K

Design and management: ISEC LLC.

A special outer fence made of 4 meters of Miyazaki prefectural lumber (general injection material)

Mimata town

Residence of Mr. A

Constructor: Uehara forestry Co., Ltd.

A deck and an outer fence simply installed in the limited space of the backyard. Cedar painted in dark brown creates a modern space.

Kobayashi city

Hinamori Auto Camping Ground

Owner: Miyazaki Prefecture Forestry and Forestry Association

Constructor: Toa Co., Ltd.

New wooden fences installed on the boundary between the site and the forest. Since they have just been installed, the new wooden fences, natural trees and rich colors are beautiful!

Miyazaki city

Residence of Mr.N

Constructor: Nishio Gumi

A wooden outer fence that matches the particular wooden house.

You can feel the good old Japan in the finish that makes the best use of “woods” themselves. Such a calm wooden fence is rarely seen these days, but it has an indescribable nice taste.

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